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Traditional Treatments for Neuropathic Pain Ineffective

ketamine for Neuropathic Pain

To begin, let us first delve into the definition of neuropathic pain: Damage or injury to the nerves that transfer information throughout the body can result in excruciating burning sensations, numbness, and/or sensitivity to touch. Surgery, trauma, viral infections, cancer, vascular malformations, alcoholism, neurological conditions, and metabolic conditions are all common causes of neuropathic pain. […]

Your Depression Treatment Giving You Immediate Relief?

depression treatment

Are you using the right treatment to combat your depression? Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. It afflicts roughly 16 million adults in the U.S. alone. This disorder comes in different shapes and sizes and can vary between individuals, making it difficult to identify and to treat. New research, however, may give patients […]

What You Need to Know About Mood Disorders

ketamine for anxiety albany

A lot of people experience mood swings at some point in their life. Some days you may feel great, then not so great, then suddenly back to feeling great. For some people, it can really seem as though you spend your days riding an emotional roller coaster and questioning, “Are these changes normal?” Long story […]

Defining Severe Depressive Disorders

Depression does not look the same in everyone, and there are many different types of depressive disorders that are defined by the severity of the symptoms and how long they last. It’s especially important to understand all of the different circumstances and symptoms defining severe depressive disorders in order to find a suitable treatment plan […]

Feeling Out of Control, COVID-19

Covid-19 and depression

The National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMI, reports that 1 in 5 adults within the U.S. experience a mental illness each year. Mental well-being is just as important as physical well-being. People are experiencing stress, feeling overwhelmed, and feeling out of control on a daily basis. However, with COVID-19, these feelings can be completely altered. […]

COVID-19 and Collective Trauma

COVID19 and trauma

A study done in 2004 monitored the psychological effects of SARS on a group of 129 quarantined individuals. The study resulted in symptoms of PTSD being observed in around one third of those individuals. The percentage increased with those experiencing longer durations of quarantine as well as exposure with someone who had been diagnosed with […]

The Day Stress and COVID-19 Came To Town

COVID-19 and mental health

So, there you are all snuggled up in your pajamas enjoying the latest Netflix binge worthy show of debauchery. Huddled over a coffee table covered in Chinese food cartons and pizza boxes, you blink the sleep out of your eyes and see the sun has finally come up. You, like many other Americans are home […]

Heightened Chances of PTSD in COVID-19 Patients

treatment for PTSD

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting such a significant number around the globe, obligatory isolation is occurring for individuals who test positive for coronavirus. Entire communities have gone to dramatic lengths to stop the spread by means of social distancing. The world is going online for remote learning and telecommutes. Sunday congregation seats are vacant, parks, […]

Can depression make you tired?


What is the link between depression and tiredness? Depression (or any number of depressive disorders) is usually characterized by feelings of intense sadness, hopelessness, and anxiety. Chronic fatigue syndrome, a condition that creates consistent feelings of fatigue with no apparent cause, is often misdiagnosed as depression. Those suffering from a depressive disorder will find themselves […]