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Suicide Ideation and When it is Time to Seek Treatment


Suicide ideation, or suicidal thoughts, refers to actively thinking about or planning suicide. Suicide ideation includes everything from a detailed suicide plan to brief considerations. However, the final act of suicide is not included in suicide ideation. Generally, suicide ideation occurs when a person feels they can no longer cope with an overwhelming situation. Another way to look at it is, suicide ideation is a symptom of an underlying problem. The first step when experiencing suicidal thoughts is to find someone you feel you can ask for help. This may be a close friend, relative, or a third-party completely unrelated to your life, for example, a therapist. Furthermore, if you suspect someone close to you is experiencing suicidal thoughts, it is important to get them help as soon as possible. Below we will further discuss suicide ideation and when it is time to seek treatment, such as ketamine infusion therapy.

What Causes Suicide Ideation?

There are many causes for suicidal thoughts. Most often, suicidal thoughts are a result of feeling like you cannot cope with an overwhelming life situation facing you. For instance, these thoughts may stem from financial problems, the death of a loved one, relationship issues, sexual abuse, rejection, unemployment, or a debilitating illness, to name a few. You may also be dealing with additional risk factors that increase the chances of suicide ideation. When it feels as if there is no hope for the future, suicide can mistakenly feel like the only way out. It is important to remember this is not the case and to, again, ask for help immediately.

Increased Prevalence of Suicide Ideation due to Covid-19

As a global pandemic, even the thought of Covid-19 can be overwhelming. In addition, this health crisis has fueled the greatest economic recession in modern history, unemployment rates have skyrocketed, social distancing measures have increased feelings of isolation, and in the U.S. alone 205,208 loved ones have died. During late June of 2020, 40% of U.S. adults reported struggling with mental health or substance abuse. This is a significantly larger portion of adults when compared with statistics from 2019. In essence, there is no doubt the pressures of Covid-19 have negatively affected the rates of suicide ideation. It is also important to note mental health struggles, especially during Covid-19, are disproportionately affecting young adults, hispanic persons, black persons, essential workers, unpaid caregivers, and those receiving treatment for pre-existing psychiatric conditions.

Utilizing Ketamine to Alleviate Suicide Ideation

If you have come to the decision that you could benefit from treatment, ketamine infusion therapy may be right for you. There have been multiple studies that have concluded ketamine reduces suicidal symptoms. Some patients even felt relief in as little as 4 hours post-infusion. Additionally, a single infusion can produce a decrease in suicidal thoughts for, on average, 7-14 days. There is still a lot to learn about how exactly ketamine works to decrease suicide ideation, but the facts show it is a largely effective method for many patients. Ketamine has also been proven to help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety which may directly impact the rate of suicidal thoughts.

Where to Find Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Ketamine infusion therapy is a fairly new practice, thus it is extremely important to find a certified medical professional that specializes in and has reliable experience administering the procedure. At Albany Ketamine Infusions, Dr. Hansen and his team of affiliated physicians are dedicated to providing safe, compassionate care and successful outcomes. They have administered Ketamine to over 2,000 patients and thoroughly understand the in’s and out’s of the procedure. In addition, they truly believe in the relief ketamine can provide their patients. To learn more, or to book an appointment, visit Albany Ketamine Infusions.

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