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Stages Of CRPS

CRPS is a rare chronic pain disease that is caused by damage to the nervous system. The nervous system is responsible for sending signals to the brain that allow us to feel pain. When these signals are damaged, they can misfire, causing us to feel pain even when there is no physical damage to the [&...
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How To Know If I Have Ptsd

Because so many mental health disorders share symptoms, it can be hard to know exactly which one you’re suffering from. Mayne you avoid things that remind you of a tramautic experience, to the point of disrupting your everyday life. It’s possible you’re experiencing symptoms of something c...
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Anxiety and Breathing

You had a spirited disagreement with a co-worker and noticed your heartbeat was racing afterward. The following day, you woke up exhausted because you couldn’t sleep. These can be chalked up to everyday anxiety, or they could be symptomatic of something worse – an anxiety disorder slowly taking ...
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