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Neuropathic Pain Treatment in Albany

New Neuropathic Pain Treatment in Albany

Looking for Neuropathic Pain treatment in Albany? The traditional method for dealing with neuropathic pain is to dull the signals with prescribed pain medication, nerve blocks and other injections. Unfortunately, these treatments are often accompanied by significant, long-term side effects and do little to attack the underlying problem – they simply mask the pain.

Ketamine blocks NMDA receptors in the spinal cord. This prevents the glial cells from sending information to the brain during the infusion period. The brain stops releasing cytokines and is “rebooted.” By interrupting the process during treatment, prolonged relief of pain and other symptoms follow. Why this occurs is less clear, but ketamine does work effectively in treating most patients with central pain syndromes.

If you are looking for Neuropathic Pain treatment in Albany, or if your doctors have told you that you have a central pain syndrome that is not responding to oral medications, nerve blocks or a spinal cord stimulator, we should be able to help. You or your doctor can call Dr. Brooks or one of the doctors in our satellite offices to discuss your chronic pain condition. With just a phone call, they should be able to determine if Ketamine Infusion therapy is likely to help you.

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Neuropathic Pain Treatment in Albany is Available. We can help.

If you are interested in learning more about Ketamine infusions for Neuropathic Pain Treatment in Albany, NY.  Contact Albany Ketamine Clinic at (518) 519-8961 to schedule a consultation.