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The Role of Trauma in Suicidal Thoughts: A Therapeutic Perspective

Trauma's impact on suicidal thoughts: a therapy viewpoint - albany ny

Trauma plays a significant role in the development of suicidal thoughts and ideation. From a therapeutic perspective, understanding the impact of trauma and its connection to suicidal thoughts is crucial in developing effective interventions. This article explores the definition of trauma, its psychological effects, the link between trauma and suicidal thoughts, therapeutic approaches, the importance […]

Suicide Ideation and When it is Time to Seek Treatment


Suicide ideation, or suicidal thoughts, refers to actively thinking about or planning suicide. Suicide ideation includes everything from a detailed suicide plan to brief considerations. However, the final act of suicide is not included in suicide ideation. Generally, suicide ideation occurs when a person feels they can no longer cope with an overwhelming situation. Another […]