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Does Ketamine Treat Depression?

Depression is a pervasive and debilitating mental health condition that affects millions of individuals nationwide. While traditional treatments such as therapy and antidepressant medications have been the mainstay, there has been growing interest in alternative approaches that offer rapid relief an...
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Mindfulness Techniques To Combat Depression

More than 17 million U.S. adults grapple with depression symptoms every year, often experiencing mental and medical health problems as a result. Some power through the warning signs as best they can, others ignore symptoms completely, while many seek different kinds of treatment to reduce depression...
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What Types of Exercise Help Ease Depression?

Everyone gets sad or has low moods occasionally, but when your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors start affecting your quality of life, you may be experiencing the early signs of depression. Early recognition of the symptoms and getting treatment are two ways to fight it, but there are other ways –...
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What Lifestyle Changes Can Help My Depression?

There are about three million new cases of depression each year in the United States, and it’s estimated to affect nearly 300 million globally. Depression is also regarded as a major source of disability by the World Health Organization, but its symptoms can often be managed with psychotherapy or ...
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What Are the Types of Depressive Disorders?

Anyone can experience episodes of deep sadness and grief. Such feelings normally drop away within a matter of days or weeks, depending on individual circumstances. But sadness that lingers for more than two weeks and restricts your ability to function could be a sign of depression. Thankfully, depre...
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Your Depression Treatment Giving You Immediate Relief?

Are you using the right treatment to combat your depression? Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. It afflicts roughly 16 million adults in the U.S. alone. This disorder comes in different shapes and sizes and can vary between individuals, making it difficult to identify and to tr...
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Defining Severe Depressive Disorders

Depression does not look the same in everyone, and there are many different types of depressive disorders that are defined by the severity of the symptoms and how long they last. It’s especially important to understand all of the different circumstances and symptoms defining severe depressive diso...
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Can depression make you tired?

What is the link between depression and tiredness? Depression (or any number of depressive disorders) is usually characterized by feelings of intense sadness, hopelessness, and anxiety. Chronic fatigue syndrome, a condition that creates consistent feelings of fatigue with no apparent cause, is often...
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Ketamine for Depression-Why are Ketamine Infusions better than Anti-Depressants

According to doctors worldwide, ketamine is an effective medication to use for depression, but with many other FDA-approved antidepressants available, people ask themselves why should they turn to ketamine. There are numerous reasons, and in this article, we’ll show you why ketamine is an effectiv...
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