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Cary Fosback

Cary Fosback

Cary Fosback is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Western Washington University and his Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from the State University of New York at Albany. As a behavioral health clinician, he has focused on helping people with complex mental and physical health issues, polysubstance use issues, and trauma histories. Cary uses mindfulness and acceptance strategies to help people pivot toward their chosen values and goals. He has years of experience providing individual and group therapy to adults with co-occurring and complex mental health issues, such as autism, acquired brain injuries, disabilities, mood disorders, posttraumatic stress, and substance use disorders among others.
Cary fosback


Cary utilizes a person-centered approach when applying methods from a number of mindfulness-based cognitive therapies. He believes that therapy serves a person’s needs when it helps them to cope with difficult emotions, encourages them to move toward what works, and focuses on personal growth rather than pathology.

Guided Infusions

During a guided infusion with Cary you might expect to engage in exercises such as intentions setting, body scan meditation, non-judgmental awareness exercises, openness and acceptance exercises, processing emotional content, and/or values construction.

Integration Sessions

During integration sessions with Cary you might engage in behavioral exercises, awareness exercises, goal setting/treatment planning, homework/progress review, openness exercises, and processing insights or content from your ketamine infusion.

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